This webhook will be called when a VRP have been created and there's a result.

At the moment, the result can look like following:

  "webhookId": "6462de930418ce007d47cf33",
  "name": "vrpResult",
  "sent": "2023-05-15T21:38:27.567Z",
  "data": {
    "vrpResultId": "6462de8eb3d6af03d11a5ee2",
    "missingOrders": [
        "orderId": "63091c1b62b341021b57952e",
        "orderNumber": "TEST-ORDER-NUMBER-01",
        "reason": "DrivingTimeConstraint"
vrpResultIdThe unique id of the VRP result
missingOrdersWill list of the orders that couldn't be placed on a vehicle for some reason. If none orders is missing, it will either return empty array or not be there at all
missingOrders.orderIdThe id of the order that have missed the VRP
missingOrders.orderNumberThe order number of the order that have missed the VRP
missingOrders.reasonThe reason for why the order missed the VRP

There will be more data added to the webhook result