This webhook will be called when there have been added an image or signature for the deliver history. The request from the webhook would look like this:

  "webhookId": "64d05979a6ea2d015600f8d5",
  "name": "deliverOrderFile",
  "sent": "2023-07-06T08:40:28.297ZZ",
  "data": [
      "orderId": "5ad066886a9deecd679e6ac5",
      "orderNumber": "WUX-123-45678901",
      "requisition": "this-is-requisition",
      "historyId": "64cefc58e5012800e57eec70",
      "type": "image",
      "fileURL": ""

The data contains

orderIdThe id of the order.
orderNumberThe order number the order have been given.
requisitionThe requisition the order have been given.
historyIdThe id of the history where the file have been added to
typeWhat kind of file, at the moment it's either "file" or "signature"
fileURLThe url to the file

If orderNumber or requisition is not set, it will not be in the payload.