This webhook will be called when one or more orders have been picked up by a driver. The request from the webhook would look like this:

  "name": "pickupOrder",
  "sent": "2018-04-13T08:40:28.297Z",
  "data": [
      "orderId": "5ad066886a9deecd679e6ac5",
      "orderNumber": "WUX-123-45678901",
      "requisition": "this-is-requisition",
      "status": "inTransit",
      "statusPartial": true,
      "email": "[email protected]",
      "tntKey": "dccd286c-8a17-4729-a499-6934d46930c1",
      "vehicleId": "5e1ddf5052f3b0002f18af81",
      "taskListId": "64998a85ce9d5d00c7d7cd7d",
      "cargo": [
          "cargoId": "63f3904237b66600314cc5fe",
          "barcode": "BARCODE",
          "scanned": true,
          "amountSuccess": 1,
          "amountFailure": 1,
          "commentSuccess": {
            "damaged": 1
          "commentFailure": {
            "missing": 1

The data contains:

orderIdThe id of the order.
orderNumberThe order number the order have been given.
requisitionThe requisition the order have been given.
statusinTransit is when the order was picked up successfully. onHold is when the order was not picked up successfully.
statusPartialThis tell if only some of the cargo on the order have been picked up
emailThe email for the pickup
tntKeyThe key to be used for the Track & Trace link
vehicleIdThe id of the vehicle that handle the order
taskListIdThe id of the task list the order is on
historyIdThe id of the history that have been created based on this
cargoIs an array of all the information on how the cargo got registered
cargo.cargoIdThe unique id for the cargo
cargo.barcodeThe barcode that's on the cargo
cargo.scannedTells if the cargo was scanned by the barcode
cargo.amountSuccessTells how many of the cargo that was registered successfully
cargo.amountFailureTells how many of the cargo that was not registered successfully
cargo.commentSuccessGives a list of comments for how the cargo was picked up successfully, like how many that was picked up damaged
cargo.commentFailureGives a list of comments for how the cargo was not picked up successfully, like what was the reason for the cargo not to be picked up, for example it was missing

If orderNumber, requisition or cargo is not set, it will not be in the payload.