This webhook will send vehicle tracking for a defined interval. If one of your vehicle have updated it's position within the time of the interval, it will send a webhook with the updated position.

Example of a response from vehicleTracking webhook:

  "sent": "2018-04-13T12:38:07.064Z",
  "data": [
      "vehicleId": "58c136a30f72205b78f70c6e",
      "routeName": "routeName",
      "vehiclePosition": {
        "position": {
          "lat": 55.738813,
          "lng": 12.398653
      "updated": "2018-04-13T12:38:07.064Z"

The data contains

vehicleIdthe id of the vehicle being tracked
routeNamename of the route the vehicle is driving
vehiclePositionthe latest position of the vehicle
updatedthe last time the vehicles position was updated