This is the recommended version of the Batch Upload API.


Automate your order upload validation

It is highly recommended to create automated validation on your order upload flow. This API can help you with that.

Based on our experiences, we recommend you set up validation on at least these two 'layers':

  1. Internal validation that the orders your system expects to be sent, have actually been sent to Dropboy.
  2. Use our API to validate that the orders were successfully uploaded into Dropboy and handle any potential errors.
statusThe status of the upload
progressProgress of the upload in percent
doneHow many of the orders that's done processing. Only orders without errors will count
failedHow many of the orders that have failed the processing
createdOrderIdsThe list of order ids that have been created
errorsAn array that contains information of why the failed orders failed. Can be used to correct the errors.


This is a list of all the different statuses the batch upload can have

completedThe file processing is done. Check createdOrderIds to get the list of created order ids
processingThe file is being processed
failedThe file cannot be used. This is either due to the file being empty or that it does not follow the format


Both completed and processing can contain errors. These errors can be corrected and be uploaded with a new file.


errors is an array containing object of information on what went wrong. An object in errors could look like this:

    "index" : 0,
    "path" : [ 
    "message" : "should be number,null"

A more detailed description of the keys in the object:

indexDescribes the index of the failed order within the orders array. It starts from 0
pathThe path in the order object where the error is detected. In the example it's the origins phone number.
messageDescribes what was wrong. In the example the message is that the origins phone number should be a number
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