This endpoint is for editing one or more orders.

order is what needs to be edited. It's not necessary to send the whole order, only the data that needs to be changed. The request for editing orders should be sent using HTTP PATCH method. For example, if you want to change origin address, you can just send this:

  "order": {
    "origin": {
      "address": "Klausdalsbrovej 601",
      "zipCode": "2750",
      "city": "Ballerup"
    "orderIds": [

This will only change address, zipCode and city under origin for the orders whose ids are included in orderIds array. In the case of the above example order with id of "58f71c7d97b77e0011c14f02" will be updated.



It is recommended only to send the edited part. It is possible to send unedited data, but to save data it's better to only send the edited data.


Edit cargo

If you want to edit the cargo lines, it is necessary to list all of them, and not the edited one.

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