This webhook will be called when one or more task lists have been marked as planned done. The request from the webhook would look like this:

  "webhookId": "63f4d93cdc694100d2dc44ef",
  "name": "taskListsPlanned",
  "sent": "2023-02-14T14:46:20.229Z",
  "data": [
      "orderId": "6355bee5cb9645009a75185a",
      "orderNumber": "TEST-ORDER-NUMBER-1",
      "tntKey": "dccd286c-8a17-4729-a499-6934d46930c1",
      "loadNumber": "JT-001",
      "vehicle": "TUR001",
      "vehicleId": "5e1ddf5052f3b0002f18af81",
      "taskListId": "649a13215a8fa0017b4dc482",
      "hub": "KB",
      "origin": {
        "eta": "2023-02-14T14:46:11.758Z",
        "wayPoint": 1
      "destination": {
        "eta": "2023-02-14T15:22:21.758Z",
        "wayPoint": 2

The data contains:

orderIdThe id of the order
orderNumberThe order number of the order
tntKeyThe key to be used for the Track & Trace link
loadNumberWhat load number the order have been assigned on this day
vehicleThe vehicle the order have been placed on
vehicleIdThe id of the vehicle that handle the order
taskListIdThe id of the task list the order is on
hubThe hub the order is placed on, if selected
origin.etaThe ETA for the origin
origin.wayPointWhat way point the origin have on the task list
destination.etaThe ETA for the destination
destination.wayPointWhat way point the destination have on the task list