When the vehicle status will be created, this webhook will be send. If there is being added images to the vehicle status, this will also be called for each image that will be added. Each images will be in the image in the data object. So if there's being added 3 images to a vehicle status, this webhook will be send 4 times, the first for the creation of the vehicle status, and 3 times more containing each image

  "webhookId": "6462e40b7bb3c000d5a92642",
  "name": "vehicleStatus",
  "sent": "2023-05-16T19:01:46.047Z",
  "data": {
    "vehicleStatusId": "6462e1b75860a203fe875b6e",
    "vehicleId": "5e1ddf5052f3b0002f18af81",
    "registryNumber": "TRIP001",
    "nickname": "TRIP001",
    "comments": "This is the status comment about the vehicle",
    "image": "https://wuxuspublic-dev.s3.eu-west-1.amazonaws.com/vehicles/5e1ddf5052f3b0002f18af81/status/6462e1b75860a203fe875b6e9786dc25-f10b-4167-ab8d-c68986dab01f.png?AWSAccessKeyId=AKIAJ7DSIPZSCCRJMPZA&Expires=1684202806&Signature=pUs2%2B0xeI%2FSScbrp58OJ0HC%2Bjuw%3D"
vehicleStatusIdThe id of the status
vehicleIdThe unique id of the vehicle
registryNumberThe registryNumber of the vehicle
nicknameThe nickname of the vehicle. Might not be there if it's not set for the vehicle
commentsThe comment that have been added to the vehicle status
imageGives an URL to where the image can be downloaded, is available for 30 minutes.