Get detailed track and trace status of a single order

Detailed description of the result:

orderNumberThe orders order number
wuxusNumberThe orders Wuxus number
requisitionThe orders requisitionnumber
statusWhat's the status of the order...
typeWhat task type the track & trace is for. Can be pickup or delivery
assignTimeThe time the order got assigned to a vehicle
orderDataIf the order have important information, like time window
orderData.startThe start time of the orders time window
orderData.endThe end time of the orders time window
orderData.betweenThe type of the time window. Can be anytime, before, after or between
orderData.lockIs true if the time window must be met.
timeWindowThe orders time window if there are time window on the order. Same as in orderData
vehicleFoundIs true if the order is assigned to a vehicle
estimatedDescribes the arrival and departure time for what type is.
estimated.arrivalThe estimated arrival time
estimated.departureThe estimated departure time
actual.departureThe time when
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