This webhook will be called when a driver either have pressed Is on way button on a Load hub, or when the driver have either picked up or delivered an order, and there are more tasks on his list.

  "name": "driverIsOnWayOrder",
  "sent": "2018-04-13T11:20:00.129Z",
  "data": [
      "orderId": "5ad066886a9deecd679e6ac5",
      "orderNumber": "WUX-123-45678901",
      "requisition": "this-is-requisition",
      "tntKey": "dccd286c-8a17-4729-a499-6934d46930c1",
      "vehicleId": "5e1ddf5052f3b0002f18af81",
      "taskListId": "649a13215a8fa0017b4dc482",
      "type": "destination",
      "eta": "2018-04-13T11:20:00.087Z"

The data contains:

orderIdThe id of the order.
orderNumberThe order number the order have been given.
requisitionThe requisition the order have been given.
tntKeyThe key to be used for the Track & Trace link
vehicleIdThe id of the vehicle that handle the order
taskListIdThe id of the task list the order is on
typeWhat type of task the driver is on the way to.
etaWhat the ETA for the driver to arrive.

If orderNumber or requisition is not set, it will not be in the payload.